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Let our trained professionals build you a bespoke hair extension course. Each tutor has the skillset and experience to identify your target market, ambitions and goals. We will build you a tailor-made hair extension training package by linking the relevant course with the client base you are looking to serve. This ensures that you are learning the techniques which will generate a return on your investment from the outset.



Melanie. Director. Master Educator. Inventor of Easiring™ Hair Extension Tool.

My adult employment was heavily focused around the corporate sector as a Sales Director for several blue-chip organisations. The money was fab, but the role was intolerable. I got stuck in the 9-5 rat race, living for payday. For years, I felt as though God had a bigger calling on my life but I had no idea what field that was in, or how I would execute it.

"I was always obsessed by hair & the freedom it gave me to expose my most creative self"

Fast forward a decade and I went back into the salon. I gained accolades as a stylist and hair extensionist. The foundations of Arkitect were being formed and I never even knew it.

Those who know my story, are well versed on the horrific hair extension training I underwent TWICE! Once in an overpacked hotel room & the other rip off experience was undertaken from the comfort of my own home... (A different story for a different day)

I digress.....Bad training experiences aside, I was still in ore of the hair extension industry. I made it my duty to learn every aspect of this ever-evolving sector. I would travel the world (mainly India) and witness the mundan donations taking place in the local villages.

I grew to understand the differences between ethical and unethically sourced hair, the underworld regime which haunts the industry to this day, how local farming, charities & agriculture plays their part, the loopholes, the scams, the Chinese hacks and the lack of legislation. I would learn about how the hair was sourced & the religious aspects behind it. I immersed myself. Who was #christinajenkins and what role did she play in the advancement of hair extension installations? The journey went on for years and every stop, Malaysia, Venezuela, Brazil etc told a new story and heightened my thirst for industry expertise even more so.

I returned to the UK and compiled one of the most comprehensive hair extension syllabuses available on the market. I have trained hundreds of students, not just here from the UK but abroad too.

Most favoured hair extension method and why?
Installing Micro bead hair extensions, incorporating the Easiring™ tool.  My students can install a full head of Microrings in under 30 minutes instead of the standard 2-3 hours! Next in line are the Tape-ins. I love the volume we can achieve within a quick time scale. Can you tell I am a little impatient?!

Which method you dislike the most and why?
Hot Fusion Bonds. No one should have to teach hair extensions this way.

Which method did you find the hardest to grasp whilst training?
Hot fusion bonds. I struggled during training trying to perfect the rolling technique. They were so bad, but I still got issued a pass. It took me months to get it right. I am a perfectionist. If they were not sealed properly, smooth the touch, each one without “a bleed” then I would want to restart my installation.

What do you love about your job as the Director of Arkitect Hair Extension Academy?
Versatility, meeting new people and sharing my vast amount of industry knowledge. No two days are the same. It doesn’t feel like work. Plus, I can wear Pink joggers without judgement!

Any golden nuggets to pass on?
Do your research before enrolling on a hair extension course. Read the reviews, are they real? speak to the hair extension teacher, do they know the industry? how many courses do they run a week and what is the pass criteria? ask in-depth questions, get them to explain their syllabus, test their skill set, who do you feel most comfortable with? who knows their stuff and who is just after your dime? 


Marie. Yorkshire & Surrounding areas

Having left school at 16 I intended to work within the hair & beauty industry. My parents had other ideas. I was told that I needed to work for a large corporate whereby “A job was for life”. I spent many years drifting throughout the business as a typist, picking up business qualifications along the way. My heart still yearned to be part of the hair & beauty sector, but I was fully immersed in the corporate world. Great pay, pension and benefits.  I could not see a way out.

Years passed and I still didn’t have the guts to leave.  I started an evening class and trained to become a nail technician. I loved it. I needed to make that move. I planned to work part-time, but the timing was not right as I was pregnant. I parked my dreams on the back burner and concentrated on being a mum.

Life took over & I had convinced myself that it wasn’t meant to be. Before I knew it, my son was in secondary school and I was stuck in a job that I hated! The pay was good, but I had no interest in the role. I dreaded Sunday’s because I knew Monday was just around the corner. I was miserable.

That was it. I took ownership. If I didn’t do it now I never would. I enrolled on a course with Arkitect Hair Extension Academy and studied the most popular methods. I progressed and trained to become a hair extension educator. The best move ever.

Favourite hair extension method?
Celebrity Weave. Full coverage obtained instantly and a relatively easy technique to maintain.

Which method you dislike the most and why?
Keratin bonds. They are too faffy.

Which method did you find hardest to grasp whilst training?
The Hot Fusion Bonds.  I didn't like how they looked. Plus, rolling them to Mel's standard is a military mission in itself! 

What do you love about being a Hair Extension Tutor
I love seeing my students flourish & how proud they are of themselves once they have passed. I love to watch them grow their businesses after they leave. The fact that I get to teach hair extensions means that I get to travel the world and work my own hours.


Sarah. Bristol, UK

Sarah has been successfully working as a  hair extensionist for 8 years. Daring to fulfil her aspirations to teach hair extensions, Sarah embarked on our Hair Extension Teachers Training programme. Sarah is our newest tutor, delivering our accredited hair extension courses in Bristol and surrounding areas. As a tutor for Arkitect Hair Extension Academy, she continues to expand her hair extension knowledge by immersing herself in the industry.

Favourite hair extension method?
My favourite has to be the Nanorings. They are discreet and the easiest to fit.  

Which method you dislike the most and why?
I can't say I dislike any.  

Which method did you find hardest to grasp whilst training?
The fusion bonds.  It took me a long time to master a sealed yet perfectly rolled bond.


Myndi North & South Dakota & Minnesota, USA

About me:
I am Myndi Johnson, a hair enthusiast who is family-oriented, loves all things glam, and last, but not least, a pet lover. My business partner Kamie Richarson and I opened our salon over 10 years ago and now we’ve decided to take the exciting step of beginning the journey of franchising this amazing company together. Arkitect is a dream come true. 

I’ve been in the hair industry for almost 18 years. Although I’ve dabbled in hair extensions for approximately 10 years, I’ve recently become an avid fan of all things extensions! I mean, who wouldn’t love being able to enhance someone’s natural beauty with gorgeous hair extensions?

Fave hair extension method and why?
Wait, I have to pick only one?? Ugh, that’s tough. I guess I would probably have to say I-tip because they create a seamless blend along with a fluid feel. Plus, maybe it’s because they were the first method I learned 10+ years ago. I don’t know, you just never forget your first love.

Which method do you dislike the most and why?
I cannot say I dislike any method however I am not the biggest fan of the maintenance/re-taping part of the tape-in method. But I do love that tape-ins allow those with fine hair to enjoy the world of hair extensions.

What do you love about being a hair extension tutor?
I have always had a passion for learning and advancement in one’s field, so tutoring seemed to be a fantastic fit. I guess I’d have to say I believe in education, education, education! I am thankful to be able to offer this amazing opportunity of learning a multitude of hair extension methods so others can advance and grow in our industry. I believe that hard work and creativity function simultaneously in not only achieving but exceeding a client’s expectations. Both are fundamental in creating long-standing relationships with clients.


Brigeeda Smith Lloyd Atlanta & Greater Atlanta Metro Areas, USA

I am a wife, mother, a master cosmetologist with close to 20 years as a haircare professional. My love for hair started at a young age and has been my lifelong passion. I have studied holistically, taken classes in anthropology and I love the antiquity of hair.

I am the owner of TrueStyle Enterprise, which is comprised of a trending hair salon and Master trainer and franchisee: Arkitect Hair Extension Academy Atlanta, in which I train and educate veteran stylists in advanced hair extension courses.

My story began at the age of 5. I stole a pair of my mom’s sewing scissors and tucked them under my pillow. That night, by the light of the moon, I had the scissors in my right hand and a hand full of hair in my left and ‘SNIP” just like that, my first haircut. I would wake up to look like "George" from "The Jefferson". My mom cried, screamed and would pop me with the comb every time she had to comb my hair but my journey had begun.

My motto for life and business is:
You can’t be beautiful on the outside until you maximize and exude your beauty from the inside.

Fave hair extension method and why?
Tape-ins and Celebrity Weave give great versatility to any client. They always look so natural and they are easy to maintain. I love performing these techniques because they provide fullness and length in a shorter range of time compared to other extension installations.

Which method do you dislike the most and why?
I can't confess to disliking any Extension method, it's what I do! However, if I had to name my least favourite, it would be Nano rings. Nano rings are very small and you have to be meticulous for this method. You also need great eyesight and your dexterity needs to be on point for this technique as well.

What do you love about being a hair extension tutor
Being able to teach allows me to not just show my creative abilities but it allows me to hone in and also express the knowledge I have obtained over the years. Teaching others will be a journey. I am hopeful that I can motivate and impact future stylist’s and even veteran stylist’s in this awesome world of hair extensions.


Rachel Surrey, UK

I am Rachel Staggs and I run a hair and skincare clinic in Chiswick West London. My passion for my career has lead me to want to share my knowledge by training the next generation of hair and skincare experts.

I am proud to be the owner and trainer of the London and Surrey area for the Arkitect Hair Extension Academy U.K., where I educate students in advanced hair extension courses.


Tape extensions are my favourite. 
They are quick and easy to apply. They look natural and they are easy to maintain. 


I love being able to share my passion and knowledge with others and being part of someone else’s journey to achieving their dreams. 

The hair and beauty industry has given me a career I love, allowing me to be creative in my work whilst balancing my home life. I can’t wait to help my students do the same.

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