Ever considered becoming a hair extension educator, but do not know where to start? 
Are you a salon owner looking to expand your current portfolio?
If so, why not join the Arkitect revolution, and train to become a hair extension educator?

Arkitect Hair Extension Academy is a confederation of Hair Extension Schools & faculties, providing accredited hair extension courses to both salons, individuals and college institutions globally. Each campus is governed by the central statutes and regulations, but each is integral to the make-up of the academy.

Our educator syllabus combines both online & in-person assessments. We have accredited tutors from both the states and within the UK.  Where required, your L3 Teaching Qualification will be delivered by a 3rd party organisation, via their distance learning platform.

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The hair extension educator syllabus covers in-depth theory assessments conducted online at your own pace. Followed by:

  • Face to face assessments
  • Conducting dummy sessions
  • Application  of hair extension methods and analysis
  • Practical assessments
  • Session preparation & implementation
  • Delivery of hair extension courses
  • Successfully run your school
  • Marketing strategies + much more!


Locate a suitable training venue, passing legislation and aligning with the governing standards of health & safety.

Obtain a Teaching qualification
An L3 Award in Education & Training is the basic qualification required for teaching within the public & private training sector, F.E colleges and H.E institutions. Our Level 3 AET course is adequate for you to teach any hair extension course.

Compile a thorough training syllabus, combining both theory and practical assignments.  The material will be checked & verified before being passed for accreditation with a country dependant, recognised body at a substantial fee. 

Create lesson plans, registration documents, consultation forms, aftercare forms, training manuals, source & create a theory syllabus, health and safety documents, become First aid accredited, health and safety accredited, have your premises assessed, all insurances in place etc.

By embarking on our teacher's training program the above has already been completed for you. 

Build your social media empire – We have a strong presence on social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Linked In.

Attend meetings, seminars, exhibit at trade shows, become members of associations, accounts, set up with HMRC and create a company with Companies House, keep on top of exporting legislations and expo rules. 

Source good quality hair – Enough said about that – Good luck 

Build rapport and relationships with suppliers. We have good relationships with the major suppliers in the industry and our logo is recognised worldwide. 

Have adequate staff to manage the day to day running of admin, finance, training, cleaning, marketing H&S etc. 

Not to mention the finances to set this beauty up averaging 45-60k Décor, marketing, promos, materials, signage, displays, kits, accreditations, equipment, venue, ads 

– Relax we’ve taken the hit for you.

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